Apple Seeks Patent On Operating System Advertising

In one alarming aspect, the device could be disabled while the advertisements run, thereby forcing users to let the advertisement run its course before the system would unlock and allow further use. In an even more invasive scenario, explained in the patent application, the user could be required to do something, such as click to continue, in order to verify that they are actively watching the advertisement and haven’t simply walked away while the ad runs.

People better be paying me to use devices if this kind of crap starts happening. Yet another reason to use GNU Linux.

3 thoughts on “Apple Seeks Patent On Operating System Advertising

  1. There's a bright side to this story. Now that Apple has this patent, if any other software companies (Microsoft, Palm, RIM, etc) try to do this, they'll be sued by Apple.

  2. Apple, like a lot of other such organizations, evemtually end up forgetting to do what is good and right for the people it supposedly is providing a service/product. Eventually, it will take a major crisis where the people turn away, and a major upheaval within the structure of that entity to get it to turn around. One only needs to look at the history of IBM for a good example of where Apple is heading. Of course, parallels can be found everywhere.

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