Major Firmware Upgrade, eBook Store for eSlick Reader

New Features in the eSlick 2.0 Build 1130 Firmware Update

The free eSlick 2.0 Build 1130 Firmware Update includes some fantastic new features and has enhanced many of the features from previous firmware updates.

EPUB Support
Foxit eSlick now supports EPUB format, which is an XML-based format for reflowable digital books and publications. Now you can download EPUB eBooks onto your eSlick and the text will automatically display in an optimized format to fit the screen size.

PDB (commonly known as eReader) Support
Foxit eSlick now also supports eReader format, which is widely accepted by several software formats. eReader format is commonly used on mobile devices.

Image Support

Supports viewing image files in GIF, BMP, JPEG, and PNG format.

On-screen Virtual Keyboard

With this on-screen keyboard, you can use your navigation buttons to enter alphanumeric data in any text environment, including password entering and folder naming.

Working with Folders

eSlick now allows users to fully interact with a folder management system, enabling you to create a new folder as well as copy, move, and delete folders.

My Bookmark

A useful feature that empowers users to add customized bookmarks when reading PDFs, helping users to quickly return to marked pages to resume their readings.

Rendering Text in Landscape Mode
Now the text files can be rendered in landscape mode which allows you to view the screen horizontally.

Optimized Text-rendering Engine
An optimized text-rendering engine boosts the rendering speed for the text files dramatically.

Bug Fixes
Many bug fixes including a bug where reading history cannot be recorded when viewing a magnified TXT file.

If you’ve been looking at the eSlick as an alternative to the Kindle or Nook but you’ve been waiting for ePub and eReader format support, the wait is over. I’ve had an eSlick for a while and I love it, but I have to admit the PDF-only thing was a bit limiting.

eSlick also announced the eSlick Bookstore ( ) which is a partnership with Fictionwise, and it looks like a great way to get books for the eSlick.

No, the eSlick doesn’t have wireless connectivity like the Kindle and Nook, but what it does have is a Linux-based GPL OS and a lot more freedom since you’re not locked to a single vendor for all your books. There’s also the lack of the Big Brother factor that’s pretty appealing for tin foil hat wearers such as myself.

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