Speaking at cf.Objective() 2010

I’m proud to announce I’ll be doing several sessions at cf.Objective() 2010! I was on the content advisory board this year and the schedule is looking absolutely amazing.

Here’s where you can catch me at cf.Objective() 2010:

  • Polyglot Goodness: CFML on Grails (this will be a full unveiling of the CFML Plugin for Grails I’ve been working on)
  • Living in the Cloud: CFML Applications on Google App Engine (co-presenting with Peter Farrell)
  • Simplicity, Integrity, and Velocity: What’s New in Mach-II (co-presenting with Peter Farrell and Kurt Wiersma)
  • The Duct Tape Programmer vs. the Architecture Astronaut (a rather non-traditional presentation with Simon Free, Peter Bell, Dan Wilson, and potentially some other folks)

I’ll have session details before long but I’m really excited about all these topics, not to mention what else is on the schedule this year. Register now–the early bird ends on January 29!

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