City in a Box: Municipal Makeover Comes to Texas | The White House

Today I am in Manor, Texas (pop. 6,500), to celebrate the burgeoning open government movement underway in America’s towns and cities. Manor is embracing the Obama Administration’s vision of creating effective and efficient government that fosters transparency and innovation. By using new technology to enable open and collaborative ways of working, government—whether federal, state, or local—can deliver better citizen services with fewer resources.

Just goes to show all the things that can be done with technology TODAY, regardless of the size of your resources. Really exciting stuff, and the best part is that many of the initiatives around this mean that the code will be available for other municipalities to use.

It’s nice to see that we’re finally making some progress in using technology to have an actual impact on people’s lives. And if a town of 6500 can do it, there’s really no more excuses large cities can use for not moving in this direction.

One thought on “City in a Box: Municipal Makeover Comes to Texas | The White House

  1. its actually a lot easier working w/a small city as opposed to a big one. big ones have tremendous tectonic social/political forces at work & tech projects can get starved or run over by them. and you know there's always corruption at work, small budget OS projects aren't ever those folks flavor of the week.i have a lot of experience working with "unreasonable people", mostly in the gov, many in municipalities here.

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