It’s Official: Moxi DVR is Dead

I’ve been expecting this news for some time now, but I went to the Moxi web site tonight to be greeted by the following:

The Moxi HD DVR and Moxi Mate are no longer available for purchase. Program guide data and technial support for the Moxi HD DVR will be available until December 31, 2013.

Hell’s bells. Such a nice setup but I knew they wouldn’t be around forever.

My reason for going to the site tonight is because I think the hard drive in mine is starting to die and I was going to poke around to see what’s involved with replacing the drive. I guess I still have nearly two years of life in the thing if I can get the hard drive replaced.

But, this is timely also because maybe it’s the push I need to get off cable anyway. Particularly with the latest announcement from Amazon of their content agreement with Viacom (and more to come, I’m sure), do I need cable? I have Netflix, Hulu Plus, PlayOn and PlayLater, computers galore, Roku … is the DVR as we know it finally irrelevant?

Well Moxi it’s been a pleasure knowing you. If my hard drive holds out or if I can get a new one put in there, I guess I have about 22 months to get this figured out. Clock’s ticking.

3 thoughts on “It’s Official: Moxi DVR is Dead

  1. Hello Matt,

    I bought a Moxi DVR last year, used it for a while, then it crashed and after that was never able to boot up again. I'm selling it for spare parts if you want it.

    Darin O.

  2. Bummer yours died — I'm probably going to let mine work until it dies as well but thanks for letting me know you have one for parts.

  3. Yikes!! I purchased a Moxi DVR on Ebay a few weeks ago. After having problems trying to get this box to register I noticed that Charter came up within the menu. Now living on the Northern East Coast I never heard of Charter. I found a number and called them, it turned out the box was not returned from a previous subscriber. They advised no worries they would pursue the matter with the previous subscriber. I am having a problem in getting this box to register so I can obtain the line up for my area using my Multi Comcast Card. Anyone have any suggestions the Moxi Setup does not even come up on the settings menu. I'm anxious to so see what this thing can do. Can anyone help me get Charter off the box and register the box with the Moxi website. Please advise, and thanks in advance!

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